After a Trade-in, the car goes through two different processes before it is given to another driver to handle it.
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What happens to your car after a Trade-in in a Car Dealership?

Finally, letting off your first vehicle and welcoming the new car of your life. You hand over that keys that has been your company for a long time as well as your car, but have you ever thought what happens to it once you hand it to a car dealership?
Well, when one finally takes a breather after a long time of planning to sell your old car, he surely will be full of excitement to try the new one, ignoring what happens to your old partner. Here’s a quick short story what happens to your car once you trade it in a car dealership.
There are two scenarios your car might encounter in a car dealership. First is wholesaling it to another car dealership and the second is sell it in their own pre-owned lot.
First is as simple as its read, wholesaling it to another car dealership. If the dealer decides that the car doesn’t fit their portfolio of pre-owned cars, then it also says goodbye to them and hello to another company that will accept them. After that it just continues until it falls down to another owner.
Well, in most cases, the second scenario happens if the car dealership is new, then your car remains there and the fun of getting it sold starts.
To get it ready for sale, the car dealership first checks for forgotten items and changes that goes to charity. Once done with the checking, it goes to another inspection. Its parts are checked in an Optimum Inspection through GM stores to be sure it will be handed in a good condition to the next owner. Mechanics then will have the opportunity to do repairs inside and outside of the car. Car dealerships sometimes have their own mechanics to do the repairs. The company gets people to recondition the inside of the car and clean it until its spick and span.
What comes afterwards is what you expect. The car is priced and is off to the front line sale. There it will wait for another buyer to enjoy a good conditioned car at a price given by the car dealership. Now you don’t have to worry about your old partner.