Running a successful car dealership can be a very profitable venture
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Running a Successful Car Dealership

For business ? minded people, most of the businesses that would come to mind would be in connection with food, clothing, consumables and the likes, which I can say that is related with a human needs. There are only few who has the courage, urge and capital who would try a different approach in terms of putting up a business and one of these business is being a car dealer.
Nowadays, in a typical person’s perception being a car dealer requires either money or connection, well we cannot blame those people as to have a car is most likely being luxurious, but if we just look into the brighter side of being a car dealer we can say that the business would be worth of all the efforts, time and money especially if you were a born car fanatic. Men are the dominant gender in terms of interest for cars, but I am not saying that woman cannot be a car dealer. Being a car dealer requires more than effort, time and the money of course, it requires interest, passion and love on what you are doing. Getting into the car dealer world is not as easy as putting up a food stall or any other common businesses. Here are some of my insights on what are the advantage and disadvantages of being a car dealer.
One of the great advantage of a car dealer is low maintenance, having the tools, parts and services needed in a car is a great advantage already, these assets are low depreciated assets and you can be able to use these for a long period of time. Another one is the place where to put up the business, almost everywhere, in every city or perhaps street you will see a small scale car dealer which is already common nowadays because cars are all over the place. We go now with the disadvantages of being a car dealer, for me the greatest disadvantage of having this kind of business is the target market, knowing that not all people cannot afford to have an automobile, car dealers will share on only a minimum percentage on the automobile market. Also having a capital for putting up such business is a major disadvantage, as we all know putting up a business is not a sure success in the end. Many car dealers has the guts to put up such business but without a specific objective, knowledge and resources in the process, this would most likely to fail.
Indeed, there are pros and cons of being a car dealer, one of the car dealer that I have known started only on producing stickers for cars, selling car accessories and the like, but with their great interest in automobiles their business is now growing and they even manage to buy and sell cars for themselves and for others. If there is such thing as key to success, I would say that it should be the love for what you are doing and interest on the field that you chose to walk to.

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