A car is something most people need, but how honest are the people selling them?
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Buying a used car from a reliable dealership

Have you thought of buying a car but can’t decide what car dealer to go to? The process of purchasing a car can be overwhelming. First, you have to figure out the type of car you would want to buy, whether it’s a sedan or an SUV. Will it be a four-wheel drive or a six-wheel drive? Second, is deciding the brand of car. Would you prefer a Japanese car, such as Toyota, Mitsubishi or Subaru? Or will you go for a European automobile like a Mercedes or BMW. Third, will be your budget, although, I think the second and third can be intertwined. Lastly, would be the car dealer you would like to purchase your car from.
I have read many forums, articles and even blog entries pertaining to searching for the reliable car dealer. In the Philippines, I can say that a number of people are now more cautious when it comes to looking for a trusted car dealer. With so many crimes that we see from the news, from swindlers to car-nappers, who wouldn’t give a lot of thought where to buy a car?
With car dealers, whether it may be for a brand new car or a used one, this must be given a lot of thinking. From the article, Car Buyer Guide, written by Daniel Bortz, a correspondent for MSN News, car dealers for both used and brand new have their tricks. After reading this article, I learned that car dealers are trained to approach you in a way you would be convinced and end the negotiation with a handshake, and off you go with a newly purchased car. Some car dealers, like any other salesperson would convince you to buy a car and its additional warranties that cover less than what you think. Buying from a car dealer who sells used units is already risky. So many questions would pop in your head. Is the car faulty? Who was the previous owner? With the numerous car-nappings in the Philippines, you should make sure that you are not buying a “hot car”. They will never tell you if its faulty and God knows where it came from. Of course, their agenda is to sell it right away.
I, myself don’t drive, I rely on my dad or my mom who fetches me after work or I would just take a cab. At my age, my folks are bugging me to get a new car. I thought it would be easy just to get one at the nearest car dealer from my home. But that is not necessarily the case. Some have bought from other cities, not from any car dealership they could find within their area. When it comes to brand new cars, buying from different official dealers would make a slight difference. It all comes down to your preference. Observe the car dealer you’ll talk to. While for purchasing used-cars, it would be best if you ask a friend for a recommendation but you should not be contented with their references. It would be a lot better to bring a mechanic with you to check if the car is faulty.
As Daniel Bortz said, arrive at the dealership armed with knowledge so you can hit the road knowing you've snagged a great offer.

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